About patriot athletics:

Honor Potissimum.

Honor above all else.

PCCA values all scholars and sees athletics as a foundational element to holistic and complete development. What’s learned in the classroom is applied in sports; what’s learned in sports is applied in the classroom.

PCCA Athletics is never just about winning on the scoreboard. It’s about embracing challenge, living virtuously and fulfilling commitment. It’s a place where scholars hone their character and prepare for a life of contribution and leadership.

It’s for these exact reasons that as PCCA officially launched their official athletic programs – the Patriot program at Palm Bay and the Pioneer program at West Melbourne, great strides of diligence and care went into how sports would be delivered:

Anchoring all actions is our fundamental belief that our virtues must be lived out: Our staff, coaches and athletes wear them; they hang above doors in the gym, it’s found on the wristbands of all our families; it’s our core; it’s how we play.

Patriots Basketball

It’s never just about winning on the scoreboard. It’s about winning in life: character, determination, commitment.

Being a Patriot is not cliché.

It’s a term emboldening all scholar-athletes to reflect on our heritage but ultimately embrace a willingness to represent something greater than oneself. Our brand design is a badge of significance, weight, and purpose:

The central character is an adaptation from PCCA’s original Patriot design, lending both heritage to our school and instant association with our nation’s founding fathers.

The Patriot carries a Spontoon, a spear promoted by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as a weapon not wisely laid aside. A symbol of leadership and a posture of readiness.

The six stars represent the six virtues of PCCA: Courage, Honesty, Perseverance, Courtesy, Self-Government and Service.

The seventh star is the anchor and represents Honor.


Peter Cody

Athletic Director- Patriot Athletics

Peter Cody joins the PCCA Athletics program as the Athletic Director of the Patriot Program.

Peter holds his Master’s degree in Sports Management with a minor in Sport-Based Youth Development as well as a Bachelor’s in Physical Education.

A native New Yorker, Peter consistently enables scholar-athlete excellence and leadership throughout the Patriot Athletics program using his knowledge of sport and youth development.  Peter ensures all athletes uphold, live out and embody virtuous character and discipline at all times and in all ways – on and off the field.

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